PBL – Planning & Preparing

This week I focused on the planning and preparing sections of my PBL project.  Creating a driving question and corresponding subquestions was tricky in terms of working out the wording to be just right, keeping it focused yet broad enough to cover all the standards I wanted to, all while making sure it was clear to students.  Once I got that worked out (though I’m still not 100% satisfied), I moved on to the actual logistics of planning out the project.  I started by defining the major tasks that students would produce, examining what role I would have in giving them resources, information, and direct instruction.  Working with a calendar template was very helpful to then take that plan and create a timeline.  This will be helpful both to students because it will keep them on track and to the teacher because s/he can make sure that instruction happens at the appropriate time.  Having taught for many years, I’ve definitely gotten better at timing and planning things out, but I’ve also learned that most project plans that span several weeks do not go exactly according to that plan.  I’ve tried to build some flexibility and “catch up” days into the plan to allow for this.  I will actually be using this project with my students, so I look forward to being able to reflect on how it plays out in reality and modify the plan going forward.


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