Assessing PBL

Now that I’ve selected a project topic, it’s time to turn my attention to assessments. There are two types of assessments – formative assessments occur during and throughout the project, and summative assessments that take place at the end.  Both types are essential to the success of the project because they are valuable measures of students’ growth, progress, and learning.  For my specific project, I’ve developed the following list of assessments:

Formative Assessments  – Throughout the project, students will be assessed in the following ways:

Summative Assessments  – At the conclusion of the project, students will be assessed with the following:

These assessments will help not only the students, but the teacher monitor and track progress and identify areas that might need greater support.  Gaining feedback from the formative assessments as the project progresses will highlight areas where the teacher needs to provide additional resources, more time, or more instruction regarding certain components of the project.  For instance, if the teacher notices that many area struggling with creating a budget spreadsheet, s/he might find examples of various types of budget spreadsheets to share with students.  Also, having students reflect and respond to their project via a journal will allow teachers to gauge their level of interest and engagement, as well as to identify frustrations and areas of need.  Students should feel that their input is valuable as evaluators and assessors as well, and I think that the first time I did this project with a class I would ask students for their input on the evaluation process so that I can modify for the future.


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