Developing a PBL Project

I’ve spent some time researching Project Based Learning (PBL) and have started developing a project idea.  I teach sixth grade and each year the PTC (Parent-Teacher Club) plans a sixth grade dance to celebrate the end of elementary school for the kids. This year, my students have voiced their desire to be more involved in the party planning, so this got me thinking about how I could turn this into a PBL project.  Here’s my idea so far:

Your group is now in charge of planning the sixth grade dance.  You have a budget of $1000 that was generously provided by the PTC.  You will need to create a party proposal that includes a written description of the party theme and activities, a budget spreadsheet (food, decorations, music/DJ, etc.), a map of the room drawn to scale (you’ll be transforming the multipurpose room), and a persuasive oral presentation to convince us that your party plan is the best.

This project is focusing mainly on math standards, but includes some writing and speaking as well.  I would like to try to also include some persuasive writing/speaking by having the groups each pitch their proposals (maybe even to the actual PTC) and then have a vote to see which proposals wins.


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