Course Reflection

What have you learned?

I have learned so much throughout EdTech 541 Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum course about how to research and choose pedagogically sound, proven technologies to integrate into lessons and by doing so, to increase the effectiveness of those lessons.  I learned about a wide variety of technologies, ranging from the basic suite to multimedia to gamification to video-based and everything in between.  I found some amazing new sites and software applications that I hadn’t been exposed to before and am excited to use them in my class and share them with others.

How have you have grown professionally?

This course has encouraged me to think about my role not only as a classroom teacher, but as an educational technologist or technology coach in that I’m thinking about creating resources that I could use myself, but that would also be easily shared with others to encourage them to integrate technology.  I’m hoping to move into the formal role of technology coach in the near future, so this helped shift my thinking in being able to clearly provide rationales for my choices of research-based technology integration.

How has your own teaching practice or thoughts about teaching been impacted by what you have learned or accomplished in this course?

I have been encouraged to think about my own teaching practice in terms of really working to integrate a variety of technologies into my classroom in order to reach all types of learners.  The best example of this would be the game-based learning module during which I researched the theory behind game-based learning and then explored some sites to try out.  I realized that while it’s not my personal favorite thing, it could be a highly effective teaching platform and that sit was something I should explore with my students.  I enjoyed learning about and being pushed to try new technologies throughout this course.

How theory guided development of the projects and assignments you created?

One of the unexpected benefits of this course came from the time spent reading about and examining the theory behind the technologies we are using.  There are so many technologies available and it’s often difficult to sort the good from the bad (not to mention all the in-between), and having a strong understanding of theory gives me a stronger base for determining the most effective tools to choose.

How the coursework demonstrates mastery of the AECT standards.

My work for this course closely aligns with the AECT Standards.  Standard 1 (Content Knowledge) was met through the readings, research, and discussions throughout this course and was the foundation for the projects listed on my course website.  Standard 2 (Content Pedagogy) is demonstrated in the projects and learning activities that were designed for specific content areas.  Standard 3 (Learning Environments) is shown in the careful selection of resources for student use and the design of the projects involving those resources.  Standard 4 (Professional Knowledge and Skills) was met with my website that is public and can be shared with other educators for use in their own classrooms.  Standard 5 (Research) was met because all of the projects, resources, and writings are based on sound educational research.


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