Video Use in Education

Today’s students are growing up with near constant access to visual media; most have cell phones and/or tablets and interact with video in some form every day.  It follows, then, that teachers should use video in their classrooms to tap into this natural interest and learning preference to best meet the needs of their students.  The National Teacher Training Institute states that “teachers who use instructional video report that their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning.”  Using video allows students to visualize content that is being taught which is especially useful when dealing with abstract concepts, things that are difficult to see in real life (such as convection currents in the Earth’s mantle), or to experience ancient cultures and places that no longer exist and/or are geographically far away.

I interviewed several of my colleagues about how and why they use video in the classroom.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear their perspectives and how they all chose to focus on different aspects of video use in their teaching.  Here is the video:



4 thoughts on “Video Use in Education

  1. sarawhite92 says:

    This is a nice combination of thoughts. I did the same interview type video and found it really useful, I even learned some things from them I didn’t know. I think seeing the different people and seeing ‘real’ teachers in their spaces! This video has a lot of suggestions and options, well done!


  2. C. Davenport says:

    I appreciated this assignment as it brought our real colleagues thoughts front and center. Each of the people you interviewed had some great ideas around video integration. I bet it got them reflecting and thinking about other integration techniques also. Well done!


  3. Nick says:

    Nice job. I liked how you included teachers who had a wide variety of ability levels when it comes to video integration. Some were just using video to introduce lessons while others integrated it throughout all parts of their lessons.


  4. billumd says:

    I really liked your video. It was nice to hear the variety of ways your colleagues are using video. You school seems like it uses a lot of technology. Nearpod is great, it is also on my list of things to learn.


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