RSS Lesson Plan

Prior to this assignment, I was aware of what RSS feeds were but had never used a feed reader such as Feedly.  Setting up a Feedly account was simple and I found that it’s a valuable tool to make organizing all of the blogs and sites I follow easy to read in one spot.  Right away, I thought of using Feedly in my classroom as a solution to a problem I’ve been facing – my students each have blogs and I require them to read and comment on each other’s entries but it’s difficult for them to find and access each other’s blogs.  Having each student set up a Feedly account (super easy with Google logins) and subscribe to their classmates’ blogs made it so easy for them to find, read, and comment on each other’s entries.  Once I got that set up, I started thinking about next steps to get students using their RSS feed readers for more than just peer blogs.  I created this lesson plan as an early activity to get students interested in, excited about, and comfortable using RSS feeds for educational purposes.

I took a very literal approach to this lesson plan, having students use Feedly the same way we did in the assignment.  I plan to use this in my classroom next week; it’s my school’s Spelling Bee and this fits in nicely.  I think students will really enjoy using Feedly and I’m eager to hear their feedback and create future learning experiences using RSS feeds.

You can find my lesson plan HERE.


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