What is Educational Technology?


This is the graphic I created to represent the definition of educational technology.  After completing the reading, the idea that stood out to me the most was that at the center of all components of educational technology was LEARNING.  I took this concept of learning being central and created a graphic that shows learning as the main focus of all the smaller aspects of educational technology, from the study and ethical practice to the actual use and creation and all things in between.  The reason this idea resonated so strongly with me is that in my role as a technology mentor and coach, I often come across teachers who see technology as a stand-alone subject, or something that must be taught to students in isolation from other subject matter.  One of my goals in that role is to help them see that technology is simply a tool that can help facilitate learning in all areas and should be thought of as such.  People tend to shy away from the idea of educational technology because they see it as something new and different when really it shares the common goal that has existed throughout  the history education increasing student learning.

In regards to the creation of this graphic, I used Google Draw.  I don’t consider myself to be an artistic person in any way, shape, or form, and struggle to express my ideas visually partly due to my lack of skills in digital art platforms.  I used the classic icon of a lightbulb to represent learning for obvious reasons and put the it on a laptop screen to represent the idea of technology. I chose to include plain text, albeit in boxes that point toward learning, because I liked the wording that was used to clearly explain each element.  I believe this covers the basic definition of educational technology.


One thought on “What is Educational Technology?

  1. swimordie says:

    Your graphic is really great. I can’t believe that you don’t think that you are artistic when you created this on Google drawings. I, truthfully, don’t have much knowledge on using google drawings even though I attended a quick seminar on google drawings. I also agree that learning is in the center of educational technology. We can never stop learning because there are more and more technologies out there for us to learn.


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